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11 Cute, Empowering Tarot Decks And Oracle Love Card Decks to Buy Online ( & Beginner Readers)

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

11 cute, empowering Tarot Decks And Oracle Love Card Decks to Buy Online For the Modern & Beginner Readers

Choosing a tarot deck that feels right for you can be hard, especially when you are planning to buy online. As an indecisive gemini, I have spent hours trying to find cute, but also empowering tarot decks. It's important to find a good balance of attractiveness and confidence in the deck you purchase, so you can get the most out of each reading! How you interpret the cards are more important than the aesthetics, but bonding with your cards and getting to know them is how you bring them to life. When you are reading cards you enjoy looking at, you are more excited and may find it easier to give a more positive and detailed reading. Whether you're new to tarot or like cards favoring the cuter aspects of life, all of these will be perfect for you.

I hope you this list is helpful. If not, keep looking and don't be discouraged. The perfect deck for you is out there!

1. OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone

I love how cute, pink and simple these cards are. These are wonderful when you're working with clients who are new to tarot readings, because they won't be expecting you to tell them so much from such simple cards. Also, for working with clients who are feminine or younger.


2. Kawaii Tarot: A 78-Card Deck of Magic and Cute

Magic and cute and the perfect size! These cards are small and simple, great for keeping a clear mind and letting intuition guide you. Although, it's sort of hard not to be biased. This is one of the first decks I purchased and I am so glad I did!


3. Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Deck

Beautiful and symbolic cards, but the way the author brings them to life and interprets the cards meanings really make this deck THE deck for beginners. The author's interpretations helped me learn so much when I first started reading.


4. Tarot in Wonderland

If you really want to explore wonderland, I 100% recommend this deck. This deck is great for beginners, because each card has a detailed story to help you interpret more naturally and easily. Especially if you are familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland, this deck will help you connect tarot to reality.


5. Mystic Monday's Tarot

A perfect mix between dark and bright artwork with holographic edges, this deck is one of a kind. I recommend using this for masculine clients or clients who are into art and will enjoy the connecting these vibrant colors to their answers.


6. The Crystal Tarot

A 78 deck of good quality, positive and beautiful cards. The cards artwork in this deck are so soft, yet strong. In my opinion, this deck brings out your inner-child to remind you how exciting life once was and can be. One of my favorite purchases!


7. The Moon Deck

This oracle deck feels so refreshing and energizing, you can really feel the intentions the creators had while making these cards. The colors and words make your tarot reading feel so dreamy!


8. Mermaid Tarot

These mesmerizing Mermaid vibes make it so hard not to buy these cards. Even the pictures of the cards online send you intense messages and spark so much curiosity.


9. Celebration of Love Oracle Cards

A beautiful, 60 card deck for love and divine guidance. When a client comes to you for a love reading, a love themed oracle deck can help you understand what's going on, especially if you are a beginner and still learning the tarot card meanings.


10. True Love Reading Cards: Attract and Create the Love You Desire

Great for manifesting true love and getting a deeper understanding of the meaning of "true love". A 36 Card Oracle Deck.


11. The Naked Heart Tarot by Jillian C. Wilde (third edition)

One thing I always look for in cards or really anything aesthetic wise, is a balance of duality. These are simple, yet so detailed and intense, light and dark, unique, but oddly familiar. All around beautiful cards almost any client can appreciate.


I hope you've enjoyed my fan-girlish reviews. I will be making more lists soon. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or leave a comment.

If you fell in love with one of these, order it on Amazon and get it in the mail tomorrow! Being patient is hard, luckily you don't have to be. If you don't have amazon prime, click the special link below and try it out for free.

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