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Black New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th, 2022

Los Angeles: 4.30.22 @ 1:28 pm

New York: 4.30.22 @ 4:28 pm

London: 4.30.22 @ 9:28 pm

Delhi: 5.1.22 @ 1:58 am

Sydney: 5.1.22 @ 6:28 am

Today, we realign with our path, five senses, and pleasure. This New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse in grounded, earth sign Taurus. Kicking off 2022's eclipse season with the second New Moon of the month, but the first Eclipse of the year.

Two New Moons in one month are rare, as we usually only have one New Moon and one Full Moon per month. When two New Moons occur in one month, we call it a Black Moon, and when two Full Moons occur, we call it a blue moon.

A Black Moon is a chance to see your inner self authentically, clearly listen to your heart, recognize what you want and need, and seek new beginnings.

It will also take place on Beltane's Eve or May Eve, in which the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. The Gaelic summer festival, Beltane or Cétshamhain (the first of summer), is celebrated on May 1st, 2022. One of the eight Sabbats or Holidays celebrated by Pagans and others, Beltane honors life at the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. It is a festival full of feasting, marked by fertility rites and great bonfires. Bulls, which Taurus is symbolized by and are much needed to tend the fertile earth, are praised and protected. Young lovers find their way to one another amid the flames.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Moon, momentarily blocking out the Sun. A Partial Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon doesn't entirely obscure the Sun, rendering it into a crescent shape instead. This one will only be visible around sundown in parts of South Africa.

Eclipses open up portals to another future or a new chapter of our life. They realign us to our path or our soul's mission this lifetime. Think of it this way: We all have incarnated this lifetime with a soul mission or path. Each of our lives serves a purpose. It can be easy for us to become distracted or so caught up in life that we begin to listen/ follow our ego instead of our soul. Sometimes we become so sidetracked with life and love that we wander off our path, and when we do so, life feels particularly hard. Our souls know we aren't living the way we should. Whether we get caught up in toxic relationships or draining jobs, we are not in flow with our life purpose. Like a Fairy Godmother, Eclipses reposition us to our destiny. Our egos aren't necessarily happy with the unexpected changes when this happens. However, my dear, if you let go of the past and release worry over things you can not control, you will feel the beautiful things and hidden blessings that await you. Trust that you are moving in a new direction toward something more significant than your path could give you.

Eclipses represent a "showdown" between the Sun and Moon, the masculine and feminine expressions of our inner world and outer world. The Sun symbolizes power and vitality, and it is constantly exposed, public, and visible. The Moon casts no light; it only reflects and carries the Sun's light. The Moon is internal, a gateway to secrets, mysteries, and traditions. When the Moon blocks out the Sun, daily order feels scrambled. Even if not apparent, eclipses bring chaos.

The best practice during an eclipse is to wait and see. It is not a time to manifest or practice Moon Rituals. All we need to do is pay attention and don't try to join the chaos.

Saturn, the zodiac teacher, has been positioned in intellectual Aquarius since 2020, while a handful of planets have been in dreamy Pisces throughout March and April. Our senses have been overexposed, overstimulated, and over-exhausted. Fortunately, Taurus is all about the pleasure of the five senses, and this New Moon allows us to feel pleasured and balanced once again.

Taurus is the sign of ownership, inhabiting one's sexuality, power, and majesty. When the Moon's feminine energy supersedes the Sun, we regain our power. This Eclipse is a call to a new life. It represents an awakening and a reclamation of our bodies and destinies. Reclaim your power by feeding, indulging, and fueling your body.

As a Lunar Eclipse occurs after all Solar Eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse will follow this Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th, 2022.

Taurus takes ownership of the body, while Scorpio wants to rule everything. An eclipse season on the Taurus-Scorpio axis foretells a year and a half journey of change regarding the things we value, control, and derive power from. It will confront power struggles within individual autonomy. For example, women's access to abortion and the right to make their own decisions are questioned in the United States. The supreme court will decide whether abortion will be allowed at the "whim of the state" or protected by the federal authority by June or July. As bodily freedom is again in question and a threat to the system, this Eclipse's reclamation is spiritual and physical.

Eclipses are dramatic harbingers of change, known for bringing rapid shifts and unexpected twists of fate. They help us realign with our destiny, which may feel like our life is upside down.

The New Moon's alignment with Uranus, the rebellious planet known to bring unexpected changes, will amplify the Eclipse's already unpredictable nature. The ambitious, motivating planet Mars forms a helpful connection to this Eclipse, which will give us the strength and determination to weather the changes.

This Eclipse is in the dedicated, sensual sign of Taurus that emphasizes our self-worth, material possessions, and physical environments. It could change the things we value, what we want to work towards, and offer sudden, new opportunities for money and resources. Taureans stable and sure-footed energy will help us stay grounded during the chaotic cosmic period eclipses are known to be.

Please pay attention to which themes present themselves in your life right now. They will likely continue their metamorphosis under the Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 8th, 2022.

We can expect feelings or situations from the last Eclipse on November 19th, 2022, as it was also in Taurus, to resurface or pick up speed.

The energy of Eclipse season is considered too chaotic for Manifestation or Moon Rituals. Avoid charging your crystals under the Moon during this energy because of the unpredictable and catalytic power.

Set intentions around:

1. Sacred sensuality

2. Body

3. Self-worth

4. Right livelihood

5. Stability

Magic best focused on for this new moon include:

1. Abundance

2. Prosperity

3. Body acceptance

4. Self-love

5. Beauty

6. Pleasure

Earth magic is especially auspicious now, work with:

1. Herbs

2. Plant magic

3. Soil

4. Stones

5. Emblems of prosperity

Goddesses to work with:

1. Aphrodite

2. Pandomemos

3. Venus

4. Lakshmi

5. Gaia

6. Annapurna

7. Xochiquetzal


1. Emerald

2. Rose quartz

3. Cobaltocalcite (aphrodites stone)

4. Green calcite

5. Smoky quartz

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