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Full Blood Moon / Near-Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus November 19th, 2021

Early Friday at 3:58 am EST., the Full Moon is a partial (almost total) lunar eclipse. The Earth’s shadow will cover 98% of the moon. Lunar Eclipses are when the moon, sun, and Earth stand in a line, with the Earth in the middle. The Earth’s shadow cast onto the moon, giving the Full Moon a reddish, coppery-hue and the nickname “Blood Moon.”

Novembers Lunar Cycle is known as the Beaver Moon Cycle (New Beaver Moon and Full Beaver Moon). In November, Beavers began to shelter in their lodges with the food they collected and stored to survive the long winter ahead. During the Fur trade, North Americans trapped the beavers for their winter-ready pelts.

Other Names:

1. Digging / Scratching Moon (referencing the animals foraging for fallen nuts & Bears digging their winter den)

2. Deer Rutting Moon (at this time of the year, Deer’s sought out for mates)

3. Whitefish Moon (the spawning time for whitefish)

4. Frost Moon or Freezing Moon (referencing the seasonal change and decreasing temperature)

This lunar Eclipse is builds on the nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini. The Sagittarius South Node shows us to respectfully let go of beliefs, which we no longer resonate with. The Gemini North Node sparks a desire to embrace new and more logical ways of thinking. However, the full moon is in the sign of Taurus, carrying the energy of resisting change. Expect an increase of arguments between people with opposing points of view. Everyone has beliefs that feel “right” and the most rational to US, but remember every single person is on their journey, and every single person has their views. No two people have the same beliefs. Openly discuss your newfound beliefs while respecting others’ religions and philosophies. Who are we to judge and criticize another when we are all experiencing life differently? Whether you agree or not, you may learn something and you certainly will not gain anything by being disrespecting another person.

Ah, Full Moons, a time when the moon (currently in Taurus) opposes the sun (currently in Scorpio – Taurus’s opposite sign) our intuitions are heightened, our emotions are running wild, and hidden truths discovered. Some have trouble even sleeping and women who are very in tune with the moon have a synced mensural cycle, during a Full (or New) Moon. Full Moons show us what has run its course and needs to be removed in our lives. Thank the (relationship, job, habit, etc.) for serving it’s purpose and make room for something new to fill it’s space.

However, this is no ordinary Full Moon. This is an almost total (98%) Lunar Eclipse. Fated events will occur and put us where we need to be, trust the Gods/ Universe/ whatever beautiful thing you believe in – trust. Expect strong emotions to be more stirred up and an intense look at our shadow selves (the darker parts of us), ESPECIALLY during Scorpio Season. Do not worry though, dear. Once we recognize parts of our shadow-selves and how they are blocking us from being in an energy of love, we get to release them. It may not be easy, but theres no better time to do so than on a full moon, except for during a lunar eclipse.

This is a game-changing event, in which you will be able to build a more deeply fulfilling, secure life.

Taurus, symbolized by the Bull in astrology, is a security-focused, sensual, grounded earth sign. Ruled by the planet of love, Venus, and deeply connected to the 5 senses; smell, taste, touch, hearing, and seeing. The main focus will be on romantic relationships, money, self-worth, self-respect, security, and boundaries.

As Mercury sits opposite the moon, during this eclipse, there will be more confusion, less clarity, and most likely a few wars of words. You may feel the need to take a stand on something in a stubborn “I said what I said” way, but the situation may call for a more open minded point of view.

Tips for the signs

Aries, babies born between March 21- April 19:

Take a moment to reflect on putting your happiness and overall health above your bank account. Maybe even take action, but only after reflecting.

Taurus, babies born between April 20- May 20:

Close the current chapter. Embark on a brand new one. One where reinvention and a tiny bit of growing pains reshape your closest relationships. It’s time.

Gemini, babies born between May 21- June 20:

Trust your intuition and dreams. Not only should you trust them, run wild with them. It’s easy for you to get out of tune with yourself and your own beliefs, because you understand all opposing sides. Others try to sway you, your thirst for knowledge/ curiosity let’s them sometimes. Not everyone means well, though. Listen to your intuition.

Cancer, babies born between June 21- July 22:

What are your long-term goals? Do the people you surround yourself with inspire you to reach them? Are they people you can trust? Lay with puppies, but check for fleas first.

Leo, babies born July 23- August 22:

You know what obstacles are in the way of your success career-wise. Perhaps, you were underestimating the size of the obstacle. However, it’s time to remove them. You may find they were the only thing stopping you. The King of the jungle doesn’t leave room for potential failure.

Virgo, babies born August 23- September 22:

Comfort zones are great, until you’re stuck in them. Take a leap of faith, get uncomfortable. Get really uncomfortable. In order to feel fulfilled again, you must flow with life and it’s changes. Take a leap of faith. I promise you will find out exactly what you are capable of.

Libra, babies born September 23- October 22:

No one can ride out the rough waves, without losing their balance like you, Libra. You are an incredibly smart being, even when you let others believe differently. Genius tactic. Now, use that brilliant mind and unshakable balance to rid yourself of any toxic patterns or relationships. It’s not fair to yourself to keep them anymore.

Scorpio, babies born October 23- November 21:

Mysterious little babies, you don’t have to lose yourself to show up for someone else. Think: “How can I be myself unapologetically and be there for someone else at the same time?”.

Sagittarius, babies born November 22- December 21:

To keep it short & sweet, because I know you have places to be: There are some habits affecting your well being on a daily basis. Release them so you can be your best self. You’re already incredible, a tiny change would make you unstoppable.

Capricorn, babies born December 22- January 19:

Time for some romance, baby! Embrace your boldness and express yourself in a unique way. Showing your passionate side empower you, whether it’s with a partner or a job.

Aquarius, babies born January 20- February 18:

The water bearer carries more than the average person can. It’s made you strong. Unfortunately, some of the water you got from home has been contaminated. Pour it all out so you can refill it with clean water. If you don’t deal with the problem, you won’t be able to heal and move ahead. Let yourself feel the pain you pretend isn’t real. You don’t deserve to feel pain forever.

Pisces, babies born February 19- March 20:

Use this eclipses energy to learn and grow. Your curiosity is at it’s peak. Connect, collaborate, create. You have an amazing natural talent, use it to heal others and yourself.

Happy Blood Moon, babies!

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