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Full Moon in Aries Oct. 1st, 2020

The first of two full moons during the month of October peaked at 5:05 pm ET on Oct. 1st, 2020 in the fearless, God of War sign of Aries. The second full moon will occur on Oct. 31st under the sensual sign of Taurus. Having two full moons occur in one month is rare, almost as rare as a full moon on halloween.

Chiron in Aries is conjunct with the Aries full moon. Chiron is a legendary teacher, mentor, healer, and coach of many mythical heroes. Chiron will guide you to become your own hero, which will require you to face your weak spots & vulnerabilities fearlessly and bravely. You may be challenged to face old wounds or even conflict, which will require you to cut ties or have the courage to say "no". If you've been trying to please others/ avoid conflict/ compromise your own needs, tonights energy will give you the strength to take back your power. No more putting up with anything less than you deserve or want. Confrontation may be unavoidable, but this is a magical night & you are a warrior.

Aries is represented by the God of War, Ares. He was the most unpopular of all the Gods, because of his quick temper, aggressiveness, and unquenchable thirst for conflict. Despite his destructive nature, he is noted for his beauty and courage so much so that he seduced Aphrodite. You can expect to feel/ embody the energy of Ares tonight & be aware that everyone will feel it too, be careful not to engage in a battle you can't win or you'll regret later.

With all that being said, the sun in diplomatic, charming & harmonious Libra has it's work cut out for it. The Libra energy will offer a counterpart, reminding you to consider others and honor your contracts and agreements.

Many of you have risen from ashes, like a Pheonix, and tonight you will understand how far you've come, what you've become, your power, & what exactly is holding you back.

Tonight will be full of healing, a little dramatic/ chaotic, strength, and fiery passion. Keep in mind whatever occurs, is a tiny piece of a large puzzle. Try not to become overwhelmed, you are supported, loved & guided by ancestors, angels, spirit guides, Gods & Goddesses, there is nothing to fear or worry for.

Some things you can do tonight to make the most out of this energy:

- Make some game changing moves, use this energy to get closer to your dreams.

- Relax your mind and find ways to release stress or tension.

- Boldly assert yourself, "ask and you shall receive" is the name of the game tonight.

- Wear, decorate, draw/ write with the color red. This will help you reclaim your power by using the cosmic color theory. Red is associated with the root chakra, which is stable & grounding like an Aries when they're in their emperor/ leader state. Red also represents Aries , because it is a color of courage, vitality, survival and passion.

- Write down whatever you wish to release & burn the paper. You can also burn objects representative of anything wished to be released. (Please be careful though, babies)

- Exercise or use this energy to take steps towards becoming healthier.

- Review how you are advocating yourself and acknowledge/ strategize how you could do so better.

- Place your crystals and/ or jar of water under the moon.

- Sage your home, crystals, tarot decks, etc.

- Take a ritual bath.

- Meditate.

- Do or have a tarot reading done for you.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, babies!

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