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Full Moon in Pisces on Monday September 20th, 2021

Los Angeles: September 20th, 4:54 pm

New York: September 20th, 7:54 pm

London: September 21st, 12:54 am

Delhi: September 21st, 5:24 am

Sydney: September 21st, 9:54 am


Major Spiritual Growth, Imagination, Go Big or Go Home, Illusions, Dreams, Otherworldly Creativity

The moon will appear full for 3 days (Sunday evening through Wednesday morning). However, the full moon will actually occur:

- On Monday from Iceland, Liberia and Senegal westward across the Americas to the international Date Line

- On Tuesday for the rest of Africa and Europe Eastward across Asia and Australia to the International Date Line

Also known as the Harvest Moon, named after farmers sometimes needing to work late by the light of the Moon for the harvest. This full moon is 2 days before the Fall Equinox on September 22nd at 3:21 pm EDT. The Harvest Moon can be either September’s Full Moon or October’s, whichever is closest to the Autumnal Equinox. As summer ends and autumn begins, the daily periods of sunlight continue to shorten. The Autumn/ Fall Equinox occurs and the shortening is at its fastest. Autumnal Equinox is the astronomical end of summer and the start of fall.

The Algonquin tribes called it the Corn Moon, because the September Full Moon is the best time for gathering their main staple crops of corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice.Full Moon’s are a time of Illumination, energetic release, and putting an end to bad habits.

Tonight’s Full Moon is linked to the events which occurred during the Virgo New Moon on September 6th, but they are also linked to the events that occurred in mid-march under a New Moon in Pisces.

Think back to what was beginning/ unfolding in March, do you see any links between then and now? Almost like then was the beginning of a chapter that Is now turning into a whole book, without us even realizing until now that it was happening.

Tonight’s Full Moon is in the mutable, water sign of Pisces. Ruled by Neptune, the planet that clouds rational thought and increases imagination, emotions, compassion, psychic abilities, and dreams, Pisces encourage escapism and spirituality. Neptune allows us to connect with our deepest emotions and desires so we can see what our heart has been trying to tell us.

The Sun has been In Pisces sister/ opposite sign, Virgo, bringing out our practical side. When the Full Moon peaks In Pisces, the practical & grounded energy will mix with mysticism. Virgo’s are moved by facts and data, while Pisces are guided by their emotions and intuition over rational thoughts.

Logic is set aside, while you find yourself following your heart instead of your head. Disconnect from rationality and allow yourself to follow those feelings you know arent logical, but you are unable to shake. Take it’s hand and just see where it leads you. You won’t be disappointed.

Expect to feel extra sensitive, creative, intuitive, compassionate and creative.

Positive and optimistic vibes will set the tone for tonight’s Full Moon.

This Full Moon is going to connect you to your spiritual side and enhance your psychic abilities. Our spirits will be refueled and a little bit of good luck will be on our side.

You can expect intellectually stimulating conversation, discussion about justice, and big picture thinking. Use this energy to get creative in work, love, and every part of your life. Especially if your work Is creativity based, tonights energy will inspire and help you create literal magic.

Good news regarding something you’ve been dreaming about, working toward, or manifesting will find you.

You may be wearing rose colored glasses tonight or lost in day dreams, but just go with it. This Full Moon is encouraging you to explore your imagination and heart to the fullest. Go Big or Go Home with your heart and let it guide you.

Things to do:

1. Neptune Is strongly associated with water and the oceans, spend time near the sea, In a warm bath, or even stay extra hydrated.

2. Pisces are inclined to escapism and sometimes to their detriment. If you feel the need to escape, try to turn to healthy outlets. Journal, Meditate, Read, Create, Watch a good movie, etc.

3. Sage & cleanse your space

4. Take a ritual bath.

5. Charge your crystals.

6. Make moon water.

7. Read or have your tarot cards read.

8. Keep an open-mind.

9. See the unknown, the changes, the losses, the future in an optimistic way. They are all things to be excited about. You are divinely guided and protected.

10. Practice Gratitude.

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