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Full Moon in Pisces on September 2nd, 2020

On September 2nd, 2020, the full moon will be in Pisces at 1:23 am. It's also known as a Full Corn Moon or Harvest Full Moon, because this is usually the time to harvest corn crops.

This full moon will make everyone a little extra emotional & intuitive, but Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo will feel it most. Air signs are probably not going to love how emotional it will make us, but the energy will allow us to get in touch with our emotions and create more harmony between our heads and our hearts.

Pisces dreamy, intuitive, & mystical energy will help us find a balance between reality and dreams, allowing us to add realistic plans to our passions and "day dreams", especially if you have been spending too much time working and not enough time playing.

Like every full moon, this is a time to release/ remove anything in our lives, which are holding us back from moving forward. Anything removed tonight (emotions, people, situations, etc.) are being cleared out to make room for something better, which will help you move closer to your desires.

In regards to love & relationships, there will be a need for some extra romance and will be the perfect time to work through any issues you may be having with your partner.

Some relationships may end at this time, despite your efforts to work through things. If so, try to remember that whatever is lost will be replaced and needs to be removed for the better.

Allow yourself to feel & embrace all the feels tonight. It's up to you whether you sink or swim through them.

For some, your dreams have been trying to bring something to your attention. If it has caused you confusion, expect to receive clarity.

Keeping a Moonstone crystal nearby or meditating with it will be really helpful tonight.

Make sure to charge your crystals and make moon water by placing them outside under the moon.

Express gratitude for the Mother Earth under this Harvest Full Moon.

Pay attention to how you feel tonight, because this full moon is going to show you what you want to keep in your life and don't. Write down the things you wish to release and burn the list.

Do or have a tarot reading done for you to make the most out of this energy:

Have a magical evening and enjoy the full moon, babies!

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