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Full Moon in Taurus October 31st, 2020

2020’s Halloween is giving a new meaning to the phrase “once in a blue moon”.

On October 31st, the second Full Moon of the month will occur in the earth sign, represented by the Bull, Taurus. The rare occurrence of 2 Full Moons in 1 month is known as a “Blue Moon”. The last time a Blue Moon fell on Halloween was in 1944.

Halloween’s Full Moon will not only be a Blue Moon, but a Micromoon as well. A Micromoon is further from the earth than usual, making it appear smaller and less bright.

October 31st is also the observed celebration of Samhain (pronounced “sow-ween”), which ushers in the “darker” half of the year when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is thinnest.

Tonight, is a unique, magical night emphasizing love, relationships, pleasure and money. This energy gives us motivation to break free from the uncomfortable parts of our life’s, where we feel stuck. Expect to feel rebellious, stand in your power, be confident and bold in your beliefs, and finally have the strength to let go of attachments to the past.

To make the most out of this energy:

1. Connect with your Ancestors.

2. Connect with passed loved ones.

3. Let go of the losses experienced over the past year.

4. Ground yourself. Don’t let the Full moons energy trigger you emotionally.

5. Release worries and fears.

6. Take Bull like charge of your personal goals, finances, personal goals, and stand your ground. You know where your boundaries are now, let others know as well.

7. Pay close attention to your dreams, they are divine messages. Write them down, look up the meanings, and prioritize them.

8. Be fully present in the moment and practice gratitude.

9. Re-evaluate where you are in your journey/ purpose. Ask yourself: “Is what I am doing/ where I am bringing me closer to my life’s purpose or am I taking steps backwards? What do I need to change or release?” This full moon’s energy will help you clarify your goals.

10. Delight in physical pleasure using all 5 (or even all 6) senses.

11. Write down everything you’re ready to release, then write down everything you wish to accomplish/ invite into your life, and burn the paper in the moon light.

12. Charge your crystals.

13. Make moon water.

14. Read or have your tarot cards read.

15. Do a money spell.

16. See the unknown, the changes, the losses, the future in an optimistic way. They are all things to be excited about. You are divinely guided and protected.

17. Trust your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels are with you. They are guiding you through every step of the way. If you don’t believe me: think of every time something didn’t work out, every time you felt hopeless, every time you felt like nothing would get better, every time you felt stuck. Now remember how each time something didn’t work out, something better came along. Every time you felt hopeless, something pushed you to keep going. Every time you felt like nothing would get better, something made it 1000x better. Every time you felt stuck, something moved you. Each experience lead you to higher knowledge, to a new experience, to where you are now. Any “bad” experience made you stronger, smarter, and closer to your desires.

Happy Samhain, babies. Hope you all have a magical night. Be safe and live in each moment fully. You are a magical being and you are here for a reason.



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