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Double Rare Moon, Full Blood Moon, Hunter's Moon in Aries Meaning in Astrology - October 9th, 2022


Los Angeles - October 9th, 2:54 pm

New York - October 9th, 5:54 pm

London - October 9th, 9:54 pm

Delhi - October 10th, 2:24 am

Sydney - October 10th, 7:54 am


Today’s Full moon in Aries will help you embrace self-confidence, implement changes emotionally and spiritually, reveal hidden information, usher in more than a few “a-ha!” moments, and bring to our awareness things about ourselves we have been suppressing, but not completely open to accepting. It’s also about fully embracing your independence and balancing your needs with the needs of others. This lunation will help you create boundaries and harness / take back your personal power.

Now is a time to heal, release, nurture, rest, forgive, declutter your home and your life, and focus on creating balance in all relationships.

The main theme of this lunation is overcoming relationship tension through self-love and self-acceptance. Your leadership skills will be thriving and you’ll be able to inspire more people for greater achievements.

October Full Moons signify time to focus on your bloodlines and your roots. Engage in activities that honor your ancestors and the land you live on. Empower yourself by tapping into your primal instincts and remembering just how powerful you are.

what is a full moon?

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon and the Moon is Fully illuminated. The Sun being in the opposite or sister zodiac sign of the Moon. Sister signs are six signs or 180 degrees away from each other. They’re of the same modality, share initiative or behavioral style, and have a similar view, but are different elements so they will express their views or execute plans differently. In other words, their expression is similar, while the driver to their action is different. One sign lacks where the other thrives, so friction between how to achieve a certain goal is created.

In this case, the Sun is in Libra (an air sign) and the Moon is in Aries (a fire sign), both cardinal signs. Both initiators, but Aries initiates things out of passion and motivation, while Libra initiates because of logic and a curiosity of why things happen.

The opposition of the Sun and Moon (opposing forces, such as work vs home, what you need vs what you want) create inner tension and external pressure. Your home, family, and relationships will be brought into the spotlight for the following two weeks, which can lead to conflict and crises that are energy draining.

This affects intimate relationships, but gives us emotional strength and intuition (which is at it’s peak during a Full Moon) to help overcome relationship challenges.

Full Moon’s bring your subconsciousness into consciousness and allows you to see what relationship dynamics or negative feelings are causing disharmony and/or need to be released.

Full Moon’s are about culminations, endings, release, forgiveness, and with every ending comes a new beginning.


what a blood moon, hunter's moon, and double rare moon means

The Full Moon will be taking place before the sun sets, which is what causes the blood red/ orangish hue, giving it the name Blood Moon.

As the Full Moon peaks 2 nights in a row at the exact same time, this lunation is also called a Rare Double Moon. This means you’ll have twice as many opportunities for manifestation rituals, spells, and emotional catharsis. It also means you don’t have to worry if you missed it tonight, you can see it tomorrow too.

The name Hunter’s Moon is attributed to the hunting tribes that would secure meat at this time in preparation for the winter.


what to expect?

Libra, symbolized by the scales, is a sign of beauty, diplomacy, and balance. Libra Season is a time when partnership is essential, conflict is avoided, and pleasure is a primary motivating factor. However, Aries’ influence on the Full Moon is going to shake things up a bit and balance us out even more so.

Aries, symbolized by the ram, is a cardinal, fire sign. As the first sign of the zodiac, they are considered by many astrologers as the “babies” of the zodiac. They are eager to act and get things going, regardless of who’s on board with them. With an “I am..” energy, they are active, adventurous, assertive, and ardent.

Aries is ruled by Mars and is associated with Ares, the God of War. People born under this sign tend to be short-tempered, so be cautious of emotionally charged reactions at this time. Aries’ are very direct, fast moving, leaders, take initiative, highly competitive, like to be first in all things, and can be aggressive at times.

With the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries, we’ll learn balance between independence and interdependence. We will be more in touch with our deepest feelings to help share our love and affection. We’ll likely feel more protective over our partner, family, community, and nation. Our relationships will benefit from greater loyalty, commitment, responsibility, dependability and respect.

During this lamination, we’ll experience a deeply felt release or a deeply felt beginning. This Full Moon is moving us into our next chapter by putting us in a place of deep awareness of ourselves and of others.

The Full Moon opposite Venus transit might create tension in relationships, as our partners differences will become more evident and problematic. It also increases your need for companionship, feeling more loving and affectionate, but the tension created may make it difficult to share warmth and tenderness.

If you tend to lower your standards just to be with someone and not feel alone, it may come at the price of a shallow, unfulfilling relationship, or even unrequited love.

If your emotional needs are not filled through human contact, you may be susceptible to substitution through food, alcohol, or drugs.

Mercury will be making an exact trine to Pluto. Both Mercury and Pluto were recently in retrograde. Mercury stationed direct October 2nd, while Pluto stationed direct October 8th.

If you have any of the cardinal signs in your birth chart at 26 degrees, this Full Moon will be bringing something to light and transforming. Although intense, Pluto’s influence will help you receive clarity. Cardinal signs and those really in tune with Pluto’s reveals will significantly feel the effects of this Full Moon. If you’ve been feeling Pluto’s energy, this lunation is going to help your feelings begin to make a lot of sense and you will move past it confidently.

Full Moon sextile Saturn brings emotional maturity, self-discipline and patience, which will help you understand any relationship or self-worth issues that the full moon opposite Venus has brought forward. It will also bring stability and security to your personal and home life.

Fixed star, Alphetraz, ensures problems with relationships and self-worth can be overcome as it encourages love, harmony, and friendship.

A Full Moon is influenced by the previous New Moon, which occurred on September 25th. It is promoting spiritual growth by finding happiness and satisfaction within yourself, without relying on someone else or something else.

The influence of this Full Moon lasts for 2 weeks, during the Waning Moon Phase, until the Solar Eclipse on October 25th in Scorpio. This Waning Moon Phase is good for releasing, letting go, resting, healing, regenerating, contemplating, meditating, decluttering, pruning, and hair cuts.


things to do during this full moon

Charge your crystals

Meditate. Now is an especially important time for meditation and mentally putting yourself into a peaceful place.

Shower Meditations or Ritual Baths will help restore inner balance.

Work with a Tiger’s Eye Crystal by wearing it, carrying it on you, or meditating with it. Crystal for confidence, courage, and building a sense of stabilization within yourself.

Speak up for yourself and stand in your truth.

Attend to shared responsibilities, especially relating to your home and family.

Respect tradition and ancestors by visiting a nursing home or cemetery.

Declutter your home, your phone, or any areas in your life you feel need decluttering.

Reflect on where you have been neglecting your own needs to be of service to others


Practice Gratitude


tarot spread

  1. How can I love and accept myself more?

  2. Which habits are affecting my ability to love and accept myself more?

  3. What from the past have I subconsciously held onto and need to work through?

  4. How do I see myself?

  5. Who am I really?


journal prompts

1. Is more self-love and self-acceptance needed before a true soulmate enters your life?

2. Have I been hot-headed, selfish, or argumentative this moth?

3. Have I been too impulsive this month?

4. Have I been blunt, brash, or too competitive?

5. Have I had enough fun?

how will it affect your sign?


Aries or Aries Rising: 1st House

Falling in your 1st house, the house connected to your image/ also known as your image zone, this full moon can be a big turning point for you in your personal and professional life.

There may be intense feelings about your appearance, or stresses and strains in a relationship.

This Full Moon will remind you to focus on yourself as much as you focus on others.

Time to say “yes” when people offer to help you, and to ask for help if you need it and you’re not getting it.

This may be a very emotional time. However, a lot of the stuff comping up needs to be dealt with.

If you have any issues with how you feel about your appearance, focus on releasing them now. They will only stop you from putting yourself out there and reaching your full potential.

Focus on what you love. An important and extra-personal Full Moon, it’s important to decide what you want to take with you into your next 12 month cycle (until the next Aquarius Full Moon) and what you want / who you want to leave behind.

There’s a tug-of-war between your needs and those of the people who are most important to you.

Find a balance between focusing on you and your lover / partner / significant other. You may realize you’ve been too focused on someone else. Time to focus on yourself for awhile. Or it could be the completely other way around.

Forgive yourself.

Make a list of things your grateful for.

Affirmations: “I am turning the corner!”


Taurus or Taurus Rising: 12th House

Taking place in your 12th house, known as your "Secrets Zone" or the "House of Self-Undoing,