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Gemini Birthday Gift Ideas

First off, let me start by wishing you a Happy Gemini Season! The time of the year when there are highs and lows, which are intense, but Gemini's fast-paced energy won't let you stay in one or the other for too long. This month we're falling in love with our curiosity and ourselves. Gemini energy brings out the best and the worst in us, while teaching us to accept and love each part.

If you don't know what to get the Gemini in your life for their birthday, don't overthink it. Gemini's love little gifts that show you were really listening or handmade gifts that show you took the time and energy to make something special for them. Remember, Gemini's value stimulation of the mind over any other kind of pleasure.

Rule #1 to being with or friends with a Gemini: make sure you let them know how special you think each one of their personalities are.

An Honest Door Mat, That A Simultaneously Extroverted & Introverted Gemini Will Love

Some Fucks To Give, Because, To Be Honest, Gemini's Really Have None To Give

As The Social Butterflies of The Zodiac, They Know Selfie Lighting Is Important

Luggage, Because a Bored Gemini Is a Dangerous Gemini

Warning Signs For Your Safety, Not The Geminis

A Book Stand For Their Nerdy Side

Amazon Kindle, Even Though The Actual Book Is Preffered

Amazon Kindle Scribe To Adhere to Their ADHD

Chess Board (Warning: You Will Have to Play &/Or Learn To)

Alexa Echo Dot, So They Don't Have To Keep Asking for The Aux

When They're In One Of Their Moods; AirPods

Journal, Should Be Self-Explanatory

Portable Phone Charger, Also Self-Explanatory

Gemini's Love To Make / Have Souvenirs Of Their Wild Memory's - Fuji Film Instant Camera

It's Easier To Remember Their Keys, If They're on a Special KeyChain

Essential Oil Diffusers For When They Really Need To Relax, Which Is Not Easy

Coloring Books Also Help

Help Your Gemini Get to Know Both of Themselves With A Guided Journal

Gemini's Stay on the go and on Caffiene, You Can't Go Wrong Gifting a Tumbler

All I Have To Say Is - Gemini Neon Sign

Gemini's Love Walking Out of Negative People's Lifes And Being a Femme Fatale - Anklet

Gemini Birthday Banner, Can You Tell What Sign I am?

Indecisive Like Your Gemini? Amazon Gift Card Will Keep Them Busy For Atleast 5 Minutes, Just Add A Hand Written Letter

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