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Lion’s Gate Portal & New Moon in Leo on Sunday August 8th, 2021

Los Angeles, August 8th, 6:30 am

New York, August 8th, 9:50 am

London, August 8th, 4:50 pm

Delhi, August 8th, 9:00 pm

Sydney, August 8th, 1:50 am

This extra magical New Moon in Leo is about standing authentically in your power, being proud of who you are, where you are, where you’ve been, and confident in where you are going, and being able to react to unexpected changes progressivily with flexibity and self-awareness.

The New Moon will align with the stars in the head of the lion, which will create an intense energy of boldness, hard-headedness, heartlessness, and courageousness.

Expect to feel charasmatic, social, and an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. You’ll find yourself questioning your old habits, behaviors, and beliefs in search for new ways to make progress.

Have you needed to make a change in your life? One that you’ve possibly pushed off for a little too long? Do you have a dream that you’ve been dying to make come true, but somehow the timing has never been right or you’ve been putting other things before it? Or maybe you’ve been unable to make that dream come true, because you haven’t been able to make that change yet?

If yes, please take full advantage of this special celestial event and pay close attention.

If no, please take full advantage of this special celestial event and pay close attention.

As a new lunar cycle begins (aka the New Moon in Leo) on the same day of the Lionsgate Portal, playing small or retreating back to what is “comfortable” ends. Today we will have the confidence to face any curveballs or unexpected situations with a brave face, authenticity, feel the limitless potential, and magically high vibrational energy. Do not shy away from any challenges today. This is an excellent opportunity to have a fresh start or start a new project.

New Moon’s are for rebirths. We cleanse ourselves from anything holding us back. We let it go, keeping in mind “change is the only thing that stays the same”. Each experience, person, feeling, etc. has a purpose in our life, which must come to an end at some point. Some things get to stay longer than others, some things seem to go too soon, but we must detach and accept the change/ loss in order to experience growth. It is then replaced with gratitude for what it taught and gave us. Now we have made room for new things to come into our lives, which makes the New Moon the perfect time to set intentions and begin manifesting.

Think about what you really want, whats important, and what actions need to be taken. Most importantly, trust in divine timing and the universe, God’s and Goddesses, angels and spirit guides.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is the most powerful time for manifestation. Since the New Moon is occuring on the same day, this will be an intensely powerful time for making big dreams come to life. You can’t just hope or wish for it though, you will need to really think about what you want, get as detailed as possible and set yourself up for success.

Many ancient civilizations, like the Ancient Egyptians, tracked the rising star of Sirius, which is considered our Spiritual Sun. They believed this to be a powerful time of rebirth, abundance, spiritual advancement, and a shift into a higher state of conciousness. Every year on this day, we can integrate the high energy frequencies of Sirius stright into our being. In honor of this portal opening, the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th has become the power date, due to the numerology of 88. 88 represents spiritual intelligence, infinity, and DNA activation.

Think of the sirius energy as a key which unlocks greater awareness, our destiny, new layers of our soul contract, and light codes that we

came to this earth to explore and work with

The influence of the august 8th new moon lasts for 4 weeks up to the next new moon on september 6th. During the waxing phase of the moon, 8/8-8/22 will be the best time to make any new changes.

Uranus, the planet of awakening, change, third eye openings and the rising of our concsiousness, is very active under this new moon. This planet favors the element of surprise, be prepared to receive information that changes what we once knew. We could find ourselves feeling scattered and uncertain about something that we once felt very certain about. It’s important to handle any changes with flexibility, creativity, and inventiveness. Don’t stick to routines stubbornly, if you have received messages from the universe to change them.

Keep in mind Uranus shakes our reality to awaken us so we can see things in a new light and experience growth.

By keeping an open-mind and high self-awareness, you will be lead to a new path with exciting opportunities and endless possibilities. Choose to view uncertainty as an endless, open field of possibilities and that is what it will be.

You can ask passed loved ones, angels or spirit guides to make contact with you any time, but the veil between dimensions are thin right now and it will be easier to receive information today.

Happy New Moon & Lion’s Gate Portal, babies!


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