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Lucky Full Moon in Gemini - December 18, 2021

Tonight's Full Moon in Gemini has a harmonious aspect to Jupiter, which will give us lucky opportunities to grow materially and spiritually. It's a lucky night for love and finances.

Los Angeles – December 18, 8:35 pm

New York – December 18, 11:35 pm

London – December 19, 4:35 am

Delhi – December 19, 10:05 am

Sydney – December 19, 3:35 pm

As the sun is directly opposite the moon, the sun fully illuminates the moon, making it a Full Moon. Whereas a new moon is completely dark, representing a blank slate, a full moon is completed illuminated, representing a time to clear a full slate. In order to do so, the moon's full illumination allows us to see everything clearly.

It's time to finish projects, let go of people, habits, or things. Thank them for serving their purpose and release them knowing it's for the best. When we hang on to people or things we no longer need and are no longer healthy for us, we become stuck. Trust the universe/ God/ the Gods.

Full Moon's have a bad rep for being overwhelming, emotional, and packed with more drama than political convos during a Family Thanksgiving dinner. This one, however, is in the airy, charming sign of Gemini. Much like a Gemini, this full moon isn't going to be anything like it's stereotype. Gemini's are one of the most misunderstood signs, due to their quick and ever-changing minds. This signs energy is welcoming and friendly (unless you've seriously provoked or disrespected them or one of their loved ones), lighthearted, and communicative. Gemini's influence on the Full Moon bestows idealism and peace of mind.

Gemini is represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux. One twin is mortal and the other is immortal, signifying the balance between the physical world and the spiritual world. Tonight we'll be able to look at things from both the physical and spiritual side, which will help us find any answers we've been looking for.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, travel, philosophy, prosperity, good-fortune, expansion, generosity, and spirituality. Think of the Full Moon trine Jupiter aspect as Santa Clause coming early and sprinkling optimism, prosperity, happiness, and good luck on everyone.

Tonight it will be easier to share your feelings honestly and openly. There will be mutual respect and understanding in all relationships, including business.

You'll feel an increased need for love and affection. If there is an imbalance involving emotional support and love in your relationships or your relationship with yourself, tension may arise.

There will be an increased desire to express gratitude for everything and everyone in your life. You'll want to show lots of love and generosity to your loved ones, coworkers, and neighbors. Run wild with your generosity and you will be rewarded.

The stars alignment with the final Full Moon of the year will strengthen relationships and enhance spiritual growth, just in time for the holidays. This is an auspicious time to reflect on and release the past year with gratitude as we get ready for a fresh start and a new year. We can consider this a lucky Full Moon. In fact, it has multiple names:

- The Cold Moon

- The Frost Moon

- The Winter Moon

- The Moon before Yule

- The Oak Moon

- The Long Night Moon

- The Child Moon

- The Datta Jayanti and Thiruvathira Festivals Moon

- Unduvap Poya

- The Chang'e Moon

Happy Full Moon, babies!



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