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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio from October 13th, 2020 to November 3rd, 2020

The planet, Mercury, is named after the God Hermes, known as the messenger of the gods. Hermes is known for his youth, beauty, intelligence, and speed. The wings on his feet help him deliver messages to the Gods quickly. He is the ruler of communication, commerce, anything requiring skill, dexterity, and the mind. Mercury’s intelligence goes beyond his clever way with words. He invented music, mathematics, and astronomy.

Mercury (Gemini & Virgo's ruling planet) makes life understandable. It governs memory, speaking, writing, perception, logic, how you communicate, the way you view/ understand & relay information, transportation, translation, traveling, trading of goods, technology, contracts, etc. When Mercury goes retrograde, every one of these areas seem to be "out of sorts" and stagnated (especially communication). Since we have become so technology orientated, it is usually a very chaotic time. This cycle will be frustrating. It will reveal some hidden truths & secrets to make us take a step back and review where we've been & where we're headed, so when it’s over we can move forward with a clean slate.

Retrograde comes from the Latin word “retrogradus”, which means backward step. Each planet governs a specific area/ subject in life and each one goes retrograde at some point in the year. When a planet goes retrograde it appears to slow down and spin in the opposite direction. The appearance is only an optical illusion though. No planet ever actually changes direction.

Although moving forward and not looking back seems easier, we have to remember where we've been to see what’s ahead or where to go next. See each Retrograde as an opportunity to step back, revisit the past, review old lessons learned and handle unfinished business in a certain area in life in order to prepare us for something greater.

Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio, the sign symbolizing sex, death, rebirth, and transformation, on October 13th, 2020. It will station direct on November 3rd, 2020 in Libra, the sign symbolizing balance, fairness & justice.

Pay close attention to the issues you have (in regards to communication, travel, etc.) during the pre-shadow phase, September 23rd through October 13th. They're being presented to caution & prepare us for what's to come during the actual retrograde.

The 2nd shadow phase, November 3rd to November 19th, gives us time to adjust and fully take in everything before Mercury returns to its usual, fast paced nature.

During this retrograde, Mercury will have three squares to Saturn in Capricorn from Libra and three oppositions to Uranus in Taurus from Scorpio. In other words, this retrograde will be a little stressful and intense. Making self-care a top priority and finding healthy ways to destress will be key.

This particular Mercury Retrograde will be extremely unique. Not only will this occur during Mars Retrograde and a very rare month with 2 full moons (one of them being on Halloween), but it will also influence the election process & station direct on America's Election Day. The confusing, miscommunication energy of Mercury Retrograde will affect everyone, including the media and candidates.

Fortunately, Mercury Retrograde being in the sign of Scorpio allows us to listen to our heart and turn within with a more spiritual tone. It will influence our thoughts to become more creative, unique, and very intuitive. Unlike most Mercury Retrogrades, we'll find socializing to be quite exciting and enjoyable. This will also be the perfect time to study occult subjects like astrology.

It’s likely that you’ll run into people you haven’t seen or heard from in a long time. You may hear from an old fling or rekindle a romance, which will make you wonder if this was the one or make you feel like you missed out. Despite how you may feel, the person may be brought forward to bring you closure. Relationships that begin during Mercury Retrograde are usually meant to help you let go of someone or a situation in the past, in order for you to move forward.

Mercury Retrograde can cause you to feel tense and anxious. Performing mental tasks, which require patience and self-discipline, will be challenging. Your thoughts will be scattered, your attention span shortened, and you'll easily be distracted.

Miscommunication will be unavoidable, so listen carefully to others and think twice before speaking. However, different aspects and transits make this specific retrograde good for socializing, expressing love & affection, and make you more sensitive & caring.

In the midst of the chaos, try to remain optimistic and open-minded. You will gain new perspectives, meet new people who challenge your way of thinking, and experience flashes of insight. Mercury Retrograde pushes you to face everything you avoid and keep hidden, which isn't easy, but it is freeing. Running from the skeletons in your closet won't get rid of them. Face them head on fearlessly and you might just find yourself making friends with your demons. The unexpected changes in plans may turn out to be hidden blessings. This is an opportunity to make changes, redo things, and feel more confident in the choices we make.

Tips For Mercury Retrograde:

1. Since Mercury rules communication, think carefully about what you want to say before speaking. It will be easier to send mixed signals and say things you don’t really mean.

2. You should reread emails, documents and text messages before sending them, because you may be easily distracted or have trouble getting a clear message across.

3. Review previous commitments and contracts. Renewing contracts is a good idea now, but it’s best not to make new commitments and to wait until this Retrograde is over to sign anything new.

4. Prepare for the worst with travel by packing emergency roadside kits and leaving early for flights, dates or important meetings. Reconfirming any plans would be a good idea.

5. Mercuries rule over the postal system can affect mail and packages. If you have something important being delivered, try to track them to ensure they end up in the right place.

6. Let go of unresolved arguments or unprocessed emotions.

7. Backup your icloud and data.

8. Try not to buy new technology or vehicles, unless they have a warranty or return policy.

9. Finish projects before starting anything new.

10. It’s easy for rumors or false information to be spread during Mercury Retrograde, so try not to react quickly or impulsively.

11. This period will be a very nostalgic time, so try not to get stuck dwelling in the past.

12. As people and exes from the past return (or try to), think carefully about who you choose to rekindle with. Don’t go back to your toxic ex or a toxic friendship.

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