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New Moon in Aries on April 1st, 2022 - April Fool's Day / All Fool's day

Los Angeles on March 31st @ 11:24 pm

New York on April 1st @ 2:24 am

London on April 1st @ 7:24 am

Delhi on April 1st @ 12:54 pm

Sydney on April 1st @ 6:24 pm

The first New Moon of The Astrological New Year is also the first of three new moons this month, which is called a fool moon…

April fool’s! Did you really think I was going to neglect it’s foolery?

On a serious, yet positive note, this is the first New Moon of The Astrological New Year. We do have an extra New Moon this month on April 30th. You’ve heard of a Blue Moon (when there are 2 full moons in one month), but have you heard of a Black Moon? A Black Moon is the rare occurrence of 2 New Moons in 1 month.

The beginning of Aries Season marks the Astrological New Year, but the first new moon of the Astrological Year is when we truly feel the new celestial new year.

This New Moon is in Aries, the zodiac sign represented by the God of War. They are the first sign in astrology, can be overly competitive, and are driven to succeed. Aries' take risks, with no self-doubt holding them back. Expect your self-esteem to be revamped, allowing you to cement your objectives. When a new moon in this sign, we’ll feel more confident, courageous, and we’ll overcome fear.

You probably know by now: When the moon and sun are in the same degree of a zodiac sign at the same time, the moon appears completely dark, known as a New Moon. New Moons are clean slates, a time for new beginnings, starting whatever you made room for at the previous full moon. Each New Moon is special, divinely timed to implement whatever change you’re ready for. The power of a New Moon is strongest on the actual day and potent for 2 and a half days before and after this.

Since this New Moon sits between Mercury and Chiron, sharing painful memories and experiences can be very healing.

The New Moon conjunct Mercury highlights your thinking, communication, and short distance traveling. We'll experience increased mental alertness, quick thinking, adaptibility, curiosity, and personal interaction in your neighborhood, with siblings, schools, and over the internet. This moon phase will be a busy one, filled with plenty of appointments, correspondences, meetings, social interactions, new information to process, and decisions to be made.

The New Moon conjunct Chiron emphasizes healing and wounding. In Greek Mythology, Chiron was the wisest centaur to teach astrology and herbal medicine. Chiron is associated with proficiency and wisdom in botany, music, astronomy, divination, and medicine. Chiron symbolizes your deepest wound, the ability to heal yourself, and the ability to heal others with traditional medicine and other alternative healing methods.

Our most painful physical and emotional wounds will be exposed and most likely healed. We'll feel the pain we've suffered and guilt from the pain inflicted on others. Be careful, Chiron can manifest a new wound through illness, accident, or loss. If so, it is probably related to an old unhealed or ignored aspect in your life that needs attention.

The world will be made aware of the terrible pain and suffering the people of Ukraine are experiencing.

Childhood wounds related to your parents may resurface. As well as grief, fear, rejection, alienation, or victimization. This can make us react more aggressively to our pain, by hurting ourselves or others. Be very mindful of this. If you take the agggressive route, you'll take steps backwards. Under this very unique new moon, you have the opportunity to skip steps ahead, if you use this as a time of healing and nurturing.

Chiron heals through medicine, astrology, Tarot, and your hands and words.

Mercury conjunct Chiron can help us easily heal through words, listening, hands, and thoughts alone. Unfortunately, this means it will be easier to inflict pain by speaking hurtful words or even thoughts. This aspect may highlight painful relationships with siblings, neighbors, and children.

While this all may appear negative and painful, this is an opportunity to discuss painful experiences more easily, lead to personal healing, and healing broken relationships. Take this opportunity to free yourself from the past. The longer you avoid it, the heavier it becomes.

As we share our pain with others, we not only heal, we are reminded we are not alone and we will be inspired to start our new life's with Aries' bold, fearlessness.

Time to be like the Fool card in tarot, carrying with us only our necessity's, not weighed down by baggage from past experiences, taking a leap of faith, and be vulnerable. Trust the universe won't let you fall and remember - fortune favors the brave.

Set intentions around:

1. Standing your ground

2. Saying no

3. Standing up for injustice

4. Reigniting your spark

Magic best focused on for this new moon include:

1. Protection

2. Breaking new ground

3. Regaining courage

4. Standing in your power

5. Setting boundaries

Fire magic is especially auspicious now, work with:

1. Candle magic

2. Fire scrying

3. Burning spells

4. Ritual knifes: athame, bolines, or swords

Goddesses to work with:

1. Macha

2. The Morrigan

3. Freya

4. Andraste

5. Pele

6. Linshui

7. Scathach

8. Athena


1. Bloodstone

2. Fire agate

3. Clear quartz

4. Garnet

5. Red Spinel

6. Tektite

7. Black Moonstone: this stone is associated with new moons and new beginnings, new projects, pregnancy, or setting new intentions. Connect with this stone specifically during a new moon. Black Moonstone helps one shed light on thoughts and patterns that you need to let go of, to pave your way clearly forward toward your dreams.

Aries' New Moon To Do's:

  • Unapologetically, honor and focus on yourself.

  • Be courageous, especially in areas you have lacked bravery.

  • Read Tarot Cards

  • Review your Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health to see where you need to improve.

  • Banishing Magic (banishing negative energy or binding negative energy)

  • Get a massage, maybe have some hot sex, or even a hot bath. Anything that reminds you how good it feels to be alive.

  • Focus on what you do want not what you do not want.

  • Make time for yourself and put your wishes in writing or in drawing.

  • Meet new people.

  • Buy, sell or negotiate.

  • Candle Magic. Candle Gazing. Fire Manifestations are quick to come to fruition at this time.

  • Ritual Bath.

  • Sage.

  • Share your ideas.

  • Making long-term plans.

  • Begin new projects.

  • Completely rebrand your work.

  • Spring clean.

  • Create an indoor or outdoor garden.

  • Meditate on The Fool Card.

Remember that everything is temporary, we can transform through situations or let them control us. The choice is, and always has been, ours.

Your ancestors, spirit guides, & angels are always with you.

Happy New Moon and April Fool's Day, babies.

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