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Updated: Sep 28, 2019

The New Moon, the beginning of the lunar cycle, is a new beginning. Remember though, every beginning comes with an ending. She brings unlimited possibilities for love, money, health, family, anything, but you will have to make room for these positive changes.

This is a magical time to rid yourself of whatever is in your way of becoming your highest self and achieving what you desire most. Every time you let go of something, the universe promises to replace it with something better. Just in case you needed to read that again: Anything you release, will be replaced with something better. Out with the old, in with the new (moon).

While you clear out whatever is no longer serving your highest good, you make room for blessings and new opportunities to enter your life. With the New Moon’s magic, you may find it easier to discipline yourself or start a new project at this time. So if you were planning on quitting tobacco or cut back on drinking, caffeine or processed foods, take advantage of the New Moon’s magic. It is important to clear your space.

Think of your New Moon ritual as planting a seed. This seed contains your intentions and dreams. When the Full Moon comes around, the seed will have grown ready to harvest.

Don’t worry about doing your ritual exactly as someone else does! It is important you create a ritual that feels magical to YOU. Everyone has their own way of doing things and what might feel right for someone, may feel wrong for you, which is what you definitely want to avoid. A ritual is supposed to make you feel empowered, not worried about doing everything a certain way.

I’ve made a special list of things you can do to maximize this new moon’s potential, do with it as you wish. If you find some things on this list silly, remember craft and magic goes hand and hand with science. With every action, there is a reaction. Imagine these acts as offerings of love to yourself. Spirit rewards us when we take care of ourselves, because spirit lives through us.

Happy New Moon, Babies!

1. Sage.. everything.

Clear yourself, your house, your tarot cards, and crystals of negative energies and refresh!

Spray's and candles work too!

2. Take a ritual bath!

You can use sea salt, Epsom salt, rose water, etc.

3. Meditate to a frequency matching your intentions.

While you meditate, think of all the things you want to get rid of, everything you want to keep, and what you would like to manifest. The longer you focus on what you want, the better. Show the universe you are mentally ready and use the Law of Attraction.

4. Ground yourself

5. Charge your crystals in the New Moon light!

Put them in the moon light on a table or on soil to charge them overnight. It is okay to bring them inside before you go to bed, whatever makes you feel best!

6. Organize

It's important to organize, so you can use your energy to practice gratitude for your manifestations. This is a symbolic act, representing physical and mental organization.

7. Clean out your phone, computer, or any electronic.

8. Wash or change your bed sheets

9. Set up or rearrange your altar

10. Do a New Moon tarot, oracle or angel reading or have someone do it for you.

11. Choose a tarot card that represents what you want to manifest and put it on your altar.

12. Draw symbols, which embody your desires, in your journal or place it on your altar.

13. Do some Candle Magic and use candles, which represent your intentions.

For example, burning a green candle fully on a New Moon is great for manifesting money, abundance, new job opportunities.

14. Create a vision board!

15. Make a list of your wishes and what you want to attract.

Writing things down is the first step to bringing wishes to life! Include details and remember to be careful what you wish for!

16. Buy, pick or even plant flowers!

17. Change your screensaver to something that possesses the energy you’re trying to attain.

18. Perform symbolic acts.

Symbolic acts can help the universe recognize you are serious about your wishes and help spring them into action. Once you’ve written your list, tie your wishes to a helium balloon and let it go, burn it with fire, literally plant it in the ground with some crystals, or put it in a pouch with lavender and rose quartz.

19. Practice gratitude!

Take a look around you. Notice how far you have come, how many opportunities are flowing towards you, and try to find a new perspective on the memories you have trouble looking back at. Be thankful for everything you have and everything that has brought you to where you are in life right now.

20. Go on a first date!

Say yes to unexpected invitations, they are gifts from the universe in the form of new relationships and friendships.

It’s important to stay away from people who drain your energy, so you can manifest what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

For the following days until the Full Moon, keep your wishes alive and honor your ritual by showing gratitude for small blessings pushing you towards your goal. With every moon phase, it is important to practice gratitude.

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